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How I Got Here

my story

I started my first drone business in 2014 with my very good friend "Marty from High School" and John Dupree.  During that time, drones looked like this 

We took pictures of real estate and played around with the first drone builds for cinematography.

Then in 2015, I helped one of my great friends from college, Harrison, start another drone business, Aerial Agriculture now Aerial Insights.


We performed cutting edge aerial data capture using specialized drones.

This experience helped Harrison and I dive deep into the UAV (Drone) Industry learning about how to apply this technology to new industries. 

In 2017 Harrison and I had a successful split and I started Aerial Consultants. I put together a small team to focus on basic photogrammetry services.


Since then we have added a multitude of data collection services using cutting edge walking, driving and flying lidar technology. 

  While starting Aerial Consultants in 2017, I began filming with a new friend, Ryan, whom I met at Fathom Studios. I continued to connect and meet more people in the video industry. Now I use drones to film with News and Production Studios across the USA.







I have flow drones and run audio for 5 years. I have seen all types of productions, including TV shows and top commericals. I decide that it is time for US to share the stories that we want to share. 


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