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Live Events

"I have been flying drones at events since 2014 and hope you will give my team and I the chance to provide safe, cinematic aerial capture and orchestration for your event."

-Tom Herbig

Festivals - parades - gatherings - live music 

Our Live Event Process Summery


We begin each festival entry with a pre-site evaluation to make sure drones can be legally flown in the area and to identify anything influential to flight operations.

  • contact local airport + heliports

  • check air space for no-fly zones

  • Get Required Permissions for Event if no-fly zones are present 

  • Present A SOW 

Inspire 2.png

Our team of two or more will deploy to the event site for an onsite evaluation.​ 

  • determine to take off, fly over and landing locations

  • Capture Othomsake Of Event Site for Save Communication and Execution of the event site. Can Also be used for your event Callander and planning phase.

  • create an action plan for length and time and type of filming

  • Create a Flight Path Map

  • Site-Specific SOP

  • Orchestration with Other Aerial Vendors if Permitted.

Site Plan Development


All flight will be operated and organized by Tom Herbig and his team. If other aerial vendors are to participate. He will have SOPs to follow to ensure safe and legal aerial event capture.


Our team will return the finished product after the footage has been reviewed, cleaned and packaged.

Event Reel

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